Sunday, 13 December 2015

Time for Tea-pots (and Mrs Cameron's Old China!)

Dearest Emily,

Looking forwards to our Christmas lunch on Sunday! When we go back to the Shop for tea, we now have a choice of Teapots to serve from.

I expect you might choose this one...

Or this which is my favourite Victorian one;

Erm- or actually I love these two as well!

The reason for the Teapots is because GiGi has decided that she's just not over running a Tearoom. It's now two years since we were in full swing at Dimbola- and getting to grips with the Tearoom was such fun, Em!
I just haven't moved on- I shall simply have to open my own.

So that's what we're about Em- it is to be called 'The Rabbit-Hole' (as in you can say- "I'll meet you down the Rabbit-Hole" heheh) and we get in on New Years Day.

No late night for me then Emily- as will be sprucing and painting on the first of January. Then, there's counters to put in, bookshelves (of course) and somewhere to display a few (!) Teapots.

Via a friend- I was introduced to the Doyenne of Teapot Collectors last week. She has over 600- and has been collecting since she was six- she's 84 now. Lovely Rae, has lent me some books on the subject- which I'm cramming on, before buying more Victorian ones to use.

I have this one too Emily- an important Victorian 'Brown Betty'. It'll be lovely to use all these antique vessels every day at our Tea-Room!

Now, did you know that Julia Margaret Cameron's Dinner Service is still in use to this day? She gave it as a Wedding present to her model Mary Hillier- and the family have used it ever since. Marvelling over the years about who ate off these plates- Darwin? Tennyson? it has been a talking point for 150 years.

It's great for me to see it Emily- in colours I thought she favoured too...

Big thanks to Marianne for letting me see these. I'd love to know more about them Emily. Shame you and I know nothing about China- yet!

See you next weekend my cherubs,

Your ever-loving Grand-mother, GiGi xxx