Monday, 8 June 2015

There's no Place like Home

Dearest Emily,

This month's painting project ended up being one of our little Chocolate box Thatch.

I hope you like it. You will be moving too soon, boxing up all your things and re-arranging them in your new bedroom.

I remember your Daddy when he was away at University and it was his eighteenth birthday. I asked him what he wanted. He set me a task. This was to create something that he could have wherever he was that made him feel at home.

I wrote him a scroll that he could keep in a box. It explained that home is a feeling. A warm glowing hearth that is inside of you at all times. It represents family and all those who love you. Apparently, it was exactly what he wanted.

So my little one- ask Daddy if he still has it, and can it be yours one day too.

Over and out for today,

Your ever-loving Grandmother, GiGi xxxx

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