Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A bit of Chick-Lit

Dearest Em,

As you know Grumpa and I tend not to agree on the idea of keeping chickens. As of yet, I have not managed to persuade him- and therefore delight in telling this story at any given opportunity.

I was standing in Sainsburys when the phone rang. It was Grumpa calling from Lifeboat practise to say he was on his way home.

"I bought a chicken f...." At this point I was interrupted by chastisement.

"Good grief- at least we should have discussed this."

"I just thought i...

Again the interruption "You always do this. It's always what you want, without any consideration for me."

I was rather bewildered at this point- as up to the previous Sunday a roast chicken, with all the trimmings had been going down a treat.

As I opened and closed my mouth and headed for the veg section, Grumpa lived up to his nick-name and I held the phone away from my ear. Eventually the white noise subsided enough for me to cut in.

"Do you fancy broccoli with it?"

There was a stunned silence. Not to my ears normal, as broccoli is nectar of the Gods to Grumpa.

"Carrots then, perhaps?"

The phone went dead. I was confused.

When he called again- a mixture of sheepishness and post-helpless giggles, he told me that the crew had been watching this outburst, and he was trying to live it down- without success.

I wonder if it would have been the opposite conversation had I been actually buying a real live chicken for a desired hen-house. Once I'd stopped laughing, and thinking "God did that" I paid for my purchases and considered visiting a neighbouring farm.

As yet, I haven't carried out this plan.

In the mean-time, back at Norton Green, the little Red Hen's run wild and free across the road and back again. Here's one of them.

Good-night for now Em,

See you in Norton Green soon- I shall introduce you to the chickens!

Your ever-loving Grand-mother, 

GiGi xxxx

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