Thursday, 9 October 2014

Keeping the Perspective

Dearest Emily,

Sitting in the Bookroom two weeks ago now, I was idling through a bit of Ruskin- as you do. I'd always found him so intense, but the fact he wrote 'The King of the Golden River' (arguably the very first English children's fairy story) has endeared him to me a bit more- and after all he did go mad- so it was before all that he probably did have some good things to say. So, I was persevering.
I read a paragraph on the Pre-Raphaelites- that's all it was- just a paragraph summing them up. He said that their truth was to paint what they saw, in situ and at the time. Ok, there must have been some very long sittings- and given the flattened perspective, well things must've subjectively looked all in focus at once, but all that aside.

I decided to adopt this with my colouring-in's (as Grumpa calls them) and paint one picture each month, from something I see that month.

Here's October;

It's my cycle ride to work down the Causeway Em, with Yarmouth in the distance on the left. I love this journey, which to my mind I call the rush hour, as it's so different to the journey's to and from work in London.

Though only nine days ago, I'm struck by how much Autumn has advanced. October the first was sunny and still (today blowing a hoolie and two recent electrical storms this week.) I love the onset of Autumn and how the colours change to tawny hues. How quickly those trees and bushes will now change from their lush greenery, and the browns and oranges will win as we head towards Winter.

It's always beautiful at this spot Emily (as long as its not flooded, and you can't get down it, and when the wind doesn't blow you off your bicycle.) So, I'm savouring each mild Autumn day and the opportunity to cycle down my rush hour way.

Soon, it'll be my trusty (most of the time) Moggie, and time to put the heating on in the shop.

As we pack up our house here at the Bay, to move to a lovely little Hamlet half way between Freshwater and Yarmouth (the other side of the river Yar here on the left) I'll have to look for another rush hour route next Spring when the bike comes out again.

I'm looking forwards to the changes ahead. I've loved the Bay, and discovering so much here. Norton Green has its own peculiar charm. We've nick-named it 'Hobbiton' tucked away off the not very beaten track. 

My next colouring in will probably be from thereabouts as we're set to be moved in by then.

Looking forwards to seeing you all for tea in our new (very old- used to be a cattle-shed) Thatched cottage.

Your ever-loving Grand-mother,

GiGi xxx

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