Saturday, 31 August 2013

All about Alice.

Dear Em,

A few days ago I was just leaving Dimbola, as we were closing up for the day. It had been a lovely hot summers day, and the Isle is full of families catching the last few days before the new school term, and holiday-makers catching the best of the summer sun-shine. I'm generally not as 'curious' as Grumpa, as you know, and a chap asked about the time we were open the next day for the Alice exhibition. Off I went and picked up my things to go home. When I left, the man was outside photographing the poster for the exhibition. I don't know why I went up to him, Em, and found myself being rather nosy. I just did.

The man's story touched me deeply. His little girl, Alice, had a birth defect, and aged one year she left them on this earth. Still full of their grief, they are happily expecting a son very soon, and have come away for a few days holiday. They were drawn to the exhibition about their little namesake.

I said my goodbyes, but walked off rather full of all that I had heard. I decided to try to see them again the next day. Which I did, and found myself asking them, if they would like me to make their Alice- our 'Alice' in our story about heaven on earth. They did, and here she is...

Apparently, they had been to a Spiritualist Church before they came away, and were asking for something. The man had gone for a walk and ended up at Dimbola. We all rather liked this metaphor. So here is little Alice, and she is our Angel. She is a very strong and good force, and she looks on benevolently.

Which dear Em, is all she needs to do. She is just there, somewhere and for good...

How lovely to meet her.

So now, Em- we have Mrs Cameraman's home, The Purga Tree, the Muddy Waters, A Harpy and two Slithey Toves, Alice, and GiGi and the Cat.

Phew, it's getting busy around here...

Whatever next Emily! ?

Until next time,

Your ever-loving Grand-Mother, GiGi xxx

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