Monday, 19 August 2013

The Purga Tree

Dearest Emily,

As promised here is my colouring-in of 'The Purga Tree';-


Well yes, ok I admit it does look rather like the one at the bottom of the lane. Well spotted! Local legend has it that Queen Victoria had tons of these planted in honour of her wedding. There are quite a few hereabouts, and I rather like them, almost as much as Cedar's and Weeping Willows. They have very bright green foliage and lovely twisty bark.

In the new book GiGi and the Cat, this tree will be rather special.

It has long shadows, and a magic property...

As we will find out in the story, it is set in heaven on earth- but! Heaven on earth is a state of mind Emily, and all too often some of the characters find themselves in the Purga Tree, where they must stay, in the company of the Harpy's who constantly scratch and chatter, and try to itch their way in- and pluck out eyes to stop those who see. There is a way out, which we will find out together.

More later, but in the mean-time, here are our characters and where they live- so far... 

Until next time Emily,

Your ever-loving Grandmother, GiGi xxx

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