Wednesday, 14 August 2013

GiGi and the Cat

Dearest Emily,

After you went home on Saturday, I started lots of 'colouring-in's' as Grumpa calls my time-wasting exercise! I'm all inspired for your new sibling's arrival into the World as we know it around Halloween.
Perfect for a Witchy-book- so that's what I shall write for her.

You got a ruined children's classic, and she shall have a Witchy-book.

A White Witchy-book of course. And, one that borrow's a trick from the Master. Now I know Dodgson's ruse, I'm going to run with it!

So, we begin with a Witch....
 So, here's GiGi. She's a cleaner. The Witch-bit is only that she is an enabler. Magic sometimes happens, but GiGi doesn't do it.
All good Witches worth their salt Emily have a black cat as their 'familiar', and GiGi is no exception to that rule.
The cat isn't hers- it just goes with the territory.
Here, is Storm;
 Storm is a Cat with Attitude.

GiGi works for Mrs Cameraman in a big old house at the Freshwater Bay. What drew Mrs Cameraman here in the first place, is as true today as it has always been.

Here is her house.

Mrs Cameraman used to live here all the time, Em. It is a place of heaven. These days she feels rather ghostly about things, and lets people come and go, as she always did. 
She has a little problem that needs some attention at her house, and with all her friends to help her, she thinks some magic is required.
GiGi and the Cat, are doing some cleaning. This story is about their adventures.

Next post- 'The Purga Tree.'

Hope you like the idea Em, I rather think it'll be you that reads it to your new baby.

Before I go, here's my favourite picture of you and me playing your 'Wind blow-you' game. We had such fun!

Your ever-loving Grand-mother, GiGi xxx

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  1. Love this! What a lucky girl to have a Grandma like you xx